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DV8 Public Company Limited in Thailand established since 1987 with registered capital 1,400 million THB. DV8 specializes in strategic radio advertising (In-store radio media), content creator, online & offline event, series, Influencer management and other world-leading digital innovations.

We also focus on IT management software and developing AI platforms, including being a partner with a company developing a decentralized identity solution which is easily integrated with an existing identity platform.

DV8 is a Thai-owned creative agency that specializes in brand activation, in-store radio media, and AI software development. As one of the Kingdom’s leading marketing agencies, businesses can trust our team of experts to assist in building a strategic marketing platform that will be successful with their target audience. DV8 is the IT management company that over 5000 stores nationwide have entrusted with their brand activation, radio advertising, and influencer management for many years.

Ensuring that your customers develop a personal connection to your brand is an important part of creating a dedicated client base. As a leading brand activation agency, DV8 can help your business with establishing the kind of reputation with your target audience that keeps them returning to a name they can trust. Whether it is through events, online marketing, influencer development, or brand advertising, our team can work with your business to establish your brand as one of the leaders in your industry.

With in-store radio marketing rolled out in over 5,000 outlets in Thailand, DV8 has established itself as a leading radio ad agency. If you are looking at developing in-store radio, a radio commercial advertising agency like this is the ideal partner to choose. Benefit from the years of experience that DV8 can offer as an audio advertising agency and ensure that your customers make the most of every product or service that you have available in your store.

Influencers have become a big part of marketing strategies over the last decade. The combined experience of the DV8 team is what allows our business to be the country’s leading influencer marketing agency. From selecting perfectly suited influencers to the management of influencer contracts, DV8 is the partner you need to take your business marketing strategies to the next level.

At DV8, our focus is to remain at the top of our game when it comes to the latest technological developments. As one of Thailand’s leading AI development companies, we take pride in producing platforms that assist businesses around the world. If you are seeking an IT management company that can handle both software and AI development that will suit your business perfectly, there is no better choice in the marketing industry. 

Choose DV8 as your marketing partner

For superior marketing services in Thailand that will help your business to grow and expand, talk to the expert team at DV8 today. Our team is dedicated to providing the best and most strategic marketing services to businesses in Thailand and around the world. 

With decades of experience in brand activation and in-store radio advertising, there is no better choice to help your business succeed in a competitive market. From grocery stores to iconic fashion brands, the range of strategic marketing services at DV8 can help your company to become the very best that it can be. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business to become nothing short of the best.


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